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Oasis consulting Facebook Ads case studies
Facebook Ads Case Studies
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Expanding to new locations.

The Story

An exciting luxury beach brand had made waves with clients in Australia but they wanted to start marketing and selling to potential customers in the USA. Organically they had built very good social followings but their ads were not seeing as many positive results as they’d seen in the past, something that we see regularly with established or fast growing companies. Via an introduction we were asked to implement and run their Facebook ad campaigns given our knowledge of the USA and customer demographics.

The Goals

  • Brand awareness in a new market
  • Drive new sales
  • Reduce cost per acquisition
Our Solution

  • Identify a correlation between luxury brands and beachside locations in the USA with large target markets containing potential customers of client target demographic.
  • Start with targeted ads in major USA cities that are known for luxury beach brands. Optimize based on results.
  • Test out Instagram Ads to run in conjunction with Facebook Ads and monitor analytics
  • Unlock new audiences with lookalike audience based on those who have visited their site and purchased their products.
  • Properly set up Facebook pixel and utilize conversion ads to track new sales in addition to monthly feedback reporting and regular campaign updates
  • Continuous testing and reiteration of ads



One month ad reach

Increase in ad sales conversions0%
Increase in unique clicks to website0%
Reduction in CPC0%


Sign ups + Leads.

The Story

A photographer directory website has been in business for a few years and allows photographers to list services while customers can search based on their needs. They have not done much advertising, but they have a high organic social reach.

The Goals

  • Get more traffic to the site
  • Increase email list
  • Get more paid subscription sign ups
Our Solution

  • Test hundreds of audiences and creative combinations.
  • Optimize bidding to pace ad delivery and maximize budget.
  • Create segmented custom audiences of users who previously visited the client’s website.
  • Test different landing pages and sales funnels to convert subscriptions



+ New Subscriptions Added

Increase in email leads generated0%
Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition0%


Instagram Ads: Awareness + Downloads.

The Story

A brand new app launched that helps children set dance goals, reminds them to practice and gives rewards for achieving their goals. They are brand new to the market and just launched in Australia. They would like to test new markets and interests.

The Goals

  • Brand awareness
  • App installs
  • Traffic to app store
Our Solution

  • Test variety of ads within their demographics on Instagram utilizing videos
  • Expand ad locations to new markets to see which are new potentials
  • Target app installs along with link clicks to see which converts higher



Relevance score of ads

Increase in CTR0%
Increase in mobile app conversions0%

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