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It’s a really good idea….

Facebook is popular, with 1.86 billion monthly active users, and 1.23 billion daily active users. The average American spends about 40 minutes per day just on Facebook–sharing and Liking content!


What does this mean for you – TONS of highly targeted users to market to and a tremendous way to increase exposure and traffic for your business, create loyal customers, and generate leads and sales.

Get in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right content!

Here’s how we can help you reach your goals through ads:

Targeted Ads

Based on our experience, we will start by setting up multiple ads to test multiple target markets. Because Facebook allows you to set up ad campaigns based on interests, activity and other parameters - we'll work with you to find the best fit.


One of the biggest problems when businesses run ads is they set them up, let them run and never change anything in months! We will be monitoring and constantly optimizing your ads to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. This is a process that requires experience knowing how to analyze and update ads. At Oasis we combine the analytical approach to setup, monitoring and testing ads with the creative marketing approach required to be successful.


As our client you'll be receiving detailed monthly reports that shows all the different elements of the campaigns including budget, CPC (Cost Per Click), and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). It's important you know what we're up to and see that each month we're improving.

Want to hear our wild ideas??

More Facebook Statistics

We think seeing some of this Facebook data is important to see how beneficial ads can be to your business.

Want to grow your likes on your Facebook Page? Keep in mind, Facebook Organic Page reach is well, pretty much dead. If you have a business page, you may not realize that less than 0.5 percent of your fans, on average, will actually see your updates. Yep, it’s sadly true. For years, Facebook has been reducing the visibility of business pages in people’s news feeds, frustrating business owners everywhere. Ads can be the best way to reach your audience and take advantage of all the user data Facebook has to offer!

Facebook users access via mobile0%
More Video Engagement Than Photos0%
Social Marketers using Facebook for Advertising0%
Users who don’t like any brand pages – meaning paid adverts are the only way to reach them0%



Why can’t I just run ads on my own, seems easy?


It’s fairly easy to set up a basic campaign, but knowing all of the ins and outs of what make a campaign work, how to optimize and target is a bit of a science. So, in a way you’re hiring a scientist to do your ads. You wouldn’t want to mix the wrong chemicals on your own, ending up with all of your budget melting away!


How is Facebook different than AdWords?


Google knows what people are currently searching for in the moment. Facebook is about demographics and behaviors. They have complex datasets covering the interests and connections of over a billion users.


What kinds of targeting does Facebook have?

Here are a few different ways you can utilize Facebook Ad Targeting:

  • Tap into recent purchase behavior
  • Get creative with life-event targeting
  • Use custom audiences to nurture leads and build loyalty
  • Utilize interest groups that relate to your brand
  • Create audiences that look like your own targets (“lookalike audiences”)
  • Layer targeting options to get super granular with your targeting



How do I know if my Ads are successful?


Your business is unique with unique needs. In turn your goals will reflect those unique needs and we work with you to find what’s successful to you. The main goals are usually: traffic to site, more sales, app installs, brand awareness. With our reporting we’ll go over each month’s results and determine your success. We recommend running ads for a minimum of 3 months to start seeing genuine results from testing and optimizing.


How much does it cost?


Take our survey below so we can get an idea of your needs and ad spend. From there we can give you an estimate of our ad management fees, which we charge monthly. If you’re not sure what your budget is, we can work with you to see what’s the right amount to start testing.

Ready to start reaching your business goals with Facebook Ads? We’d like to gather some information about your business first to better serve you.


We can help with that too! Recently, Instagram just hit 1 Million Active Advertisers. Instagram is perfect for certain businesses depending on your business goals and there are a few different tactics that come into play.


Instagram Ads run through the Facebook Ad platform so we can add on this service after discussing your needs.