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Usie Booth is a US-based tech startup that provide photobooths for parties, weddings, and events. They are unique in that their photobooth is an all in one solution that minimizes the costs versus other photobooth solutions currently on the market.


With a logo in place, we were asked to design a website that would highlight the unique aspects of Usie Booth with relevant calls to action and strategies for getting customers to provide their email or send a message with their event info. Drawing on some of the art deco influence within the logo we set out to create a simple, easy to navigate website, that would allow customers to easily see how Usie Booth works, answer their basic questions and provide pricing information.


We’ll continue to work and support Usie Booth as they grow, potentially through social media engagement and integration of an online booking system. Our backend involvement may also be the creation of a logistics system to help manage multiple booths around the country!